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We work with clients in the commercial, domestic and industrial sectors. We can clean and clear your project site, ready for construction to begin.

Demolition & Scrap Metal

Our team will plan and execute demolition projects of any size. Our experts will listen to your needs to plan a demolition that works with your building project.

We will clean and clear the demolition site, collecting and recycling all scrap metal.

Factory & Warehouse Clearance

Moving factory or warehouse? There can be a lot to think about and manage. Our professionals will plan the move for you, dismantling machinery and transporting any equipment you need.

We can handle any size of factory clearance, always providing a stress-free service.

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EXPERIENCED & TRAINED SPECIALISTS In demolitions services, factory clearance & scrap metal collection.

We have established a very safe and efficient working environment for both our team and clients and always adhere to the latest health and safety regulations, holding an excellent safety record. We have the knowledge and experience to undertake each and every job fast, efficiently and professionally.

As a fully licensed, accredited and established industrial and commercial business based in Cheshire, providing services throughout Warrington, Crewe, Chester, Wrexham, Macclesfield, Acton, Alderley Edge and surrounding areas. When a building is demolished, there is always a lot of waste on the site that needs to be cleared which is why here at Butler Demolition we offer a comprehensive waste clearance service. You always want to be certain that waste is handled correctly and in line with regulations which is why we study guidelines very seriously and with the help of our sister company we offer a complete service for all our clients.

Working closely with clients in the commercial, domestic and industrial sectors. 

  • Warehouse Clearance
  • Factory Clearance
  • Scrap Metal Collection
  • Demolition Services
  • Site Clearance
  • Machinery Removal
  • Machinery Relocation
  • Much More...

Need to get rid of some hazardous waste from your home or workplace?

Here at Butler Demolition, we have worked on all kinds of commercial and industrial site clearances and have even helped with plant machinery removal and disposal so you can get the clean slate you need for the new construction to take place.

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With over 30 years experience in the demolition in Cheshire trade under our belts, we are experts who are able to offer you a wide range of services for any site & waste clearance and more


We have an exemplary safety record, and have attribute this to the fact that we continually monitor our processes, allowing us to safely operate on high-risk factory clearance projects.


Our team of trained professionals are equipped with the very best tools and machinery to cut and dismantle any piece of machinery or metal, on site, in the safest possible way.


All of our services are backed by a £10,000,00 public liability insurance policy. This is just one of the ways we aim to protect you and your business if the worst should happen.

Entrec - Responsible Recycling

Alongside providing our commercial and industrial clearances and our demolition in Cheshire solutions, we are also able to provide you with more detailed services in partnership with our sister company Entrec.

All ferrous and non-ferrous metals will be removed and then recycled by our sister company Entrec. This can be things such as Plant Lorries cut up  and removed, all metals and cables as well as all other products. 

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Our team have been in the industry for years. Our experts provide demolition services, factory clearances, scrap metal collection and much more.

Take some time to find the answers to our frequently asked questions.

We are your leading demolition Cheshire based company

Butler Demolition is a specialists team in all aspects of demolition Cheshire, warehouse removal, factory clearance and more. With many years of experience, we have established a very safe and efficient working environment for both our team and clients. We always adhere to the latest health and safety regulations, holding an excellent safety record. Our fully qualified team of experts have built up a unique knowledge of Demolition Cheshire practices and techniques. We have the experience to undertake each job fast, efficiently and professionally. In addition to our demolition Cheshire services, we also offer the following services: Warehouse Removal, Factory Clearance, Asset Recovery and more, available as part of your demolition project or as standalone services to suit your needs. We operate a growing and significant fleet of modern machinery and undertake any form of large or small scale demolition Cheshire, along with the breaking up of large concrete slabs & structures.

How can we help you?

Our extensive knowledge associated with our trade allows us to deliver the highest standard of services, guaranteeing peace of mind to our customers for all our demolition Cheshire services. From site operatives to project managers, we have years of knowledge within the trade and have all the necessary skills to lead your project to successful completion. For demolition Cheshire or warehouse clearance, factory clearance, get in touch with our experts today.

Complete demolition Shropshire solutions

Offering a comprehensive and complete Demolition Shropshire service, our experienced team are committed to maintaining the highest level of service, ensuring the safe completion of demolition Shropshire projects promptly and efficiently that our clients have grown to expect.

We have the necessary machinery and equipment to execute any demolition projects throughout Shropshire, whether it be the demolition of single-story structures to multi-level office blocks. You will find us courteous, professional and highly knowledgeable on all aspects of demolition Shropshire and deconstruction. Our techniques and practices are fully sustainable and we operate within all typical industry standards and guidelines. On-site safety is our number 1 priority for any project therefore we are fully insured for all operations.

Cost effective services & solutions

We know how large factory premises can be and understand it can be quite daunting to think about clearing them. At Butler Demolition, we can collect most types of factory clearance waste and rubbish, recycling where we can. Our factory clearance Shropshire services are the best prices around, ensuring you receive a competitively priced service that is eco friendly and efficient for you.

Looking for a professional warehouse removal Cheshire based company?

Finding a reliable company to get your warehouse cleared can be a huge job which is why it’s always best to hire professionals who can offer you a reliable and efficient service. We have years of experience undertaking all warehouse removal Cheshire all for very affordable rates.

At Butler Demolition, we take waste disposal very seriously, carefully recycling wherever possible, saving waste from being taken to landfill sites, helping our environment and saving you money.

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Our team of professionals have been in the industry for over 30 years and supply North of England, and the Midlands, with a range of demolition services and solutions.

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